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The N.F.-Board 

"Come and join us!"

Founded on 2003, in Liège, Belgium, the N.F.-Board is a football association made up of teams that represent nations, dependencies, unrecognized states, minorities, stateless peoples, regions and micro nations not affiliated to FIFA.


We seek to be a complementary alternative to FIFA, stating a belief in the right to play competitive football. Therefore, Football Associations from all over the world are more than welcome to join us. 

Our motto is to say “If a world that plays is beautiful, then it is even more beautiful if everyone plays".

The VIVA World Cup TM is an international football tournament open to non- FIFA-affiliated teams. With five successful editions behind us (2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012) the VIVA World Cup TM brings a message of peace through a ball, free from politics and religion.


This tournament represents an opportunity to return to the spirit of the game competing for the "Nelson Mandela Trophy"A celebration of peoples, nations and cultures for the sole pleasure of playing.

The VIVA World Cup TM 

"Everyone can play!"

Le concours de dessins pour les mascottes des épreuves du N.F.-Board organisées à Vichy est lancé...

Communiqué de presse # 42

Annonce officielle de l'Euro Viva 2017 et de la Women Viva World Cup 2018. 

Press release # 42

Official announcement of the Euro Viva 2017 and Women Viva World Cup 2018.

The legendary competition is back

CALL for BID for the organization of : The VIVA World Cup

and of : The WOMEN VIVA World Cup


We are pleased to announce that after three years of work, the N.F.-Board (NFB) is taking over the leadership of the non-FIFA scene.

AG 2017 Lyon

13th General Meeting was held in april 2017 in Lyon

Blue Card

The 13th General Meeting of the N.F.-Board adopted the "Blue Card " during its competitions

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Since 15 years, the N.F.-Board is the main International Federation for legally registered Representative Football Associations non affiliated to FIFA. Respecting the standards of FIFA (only 1 Representative Football Federation per entity), and the Rules of IFAB.

The N.F.-Board handles the organization of the VIVA World Cup™:

the World Cup destined to those National Associations not admitted to play

in the FIFA World Cup™.

As of now, we have 53 members spread around the whole planet.

Our experience has allowed us to organize 5 high level VIVA World Cup™, the last VIVA World Cup 2012™ in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.



Travel to meet the People “from Amerindians, to Greenland or from Easter Island to Zanzibar, from the Samis’ country to the Maoris’ land".


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